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Daddy’s So Proud…

Carmen and mommy are playing catch in our family room. I’m not sure what I’m more proud of: catching the ball in her hands or the picture perfect chest pass.

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My favorite part of Epcot:

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Carmen’s Gymnastics Class Comes To A Close

Posting this entirely from my iPhone, I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see Carmen’s gymnastics recital and “Olympics”. It was a great year.

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Response to Jonathan Alter “Education Reform Works”

So I finally read this Bloomberg Op-Ed article by Jonathan Alter bashing Diane Ravitch for her methods in challenging the Ed Reform movements stemming from No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top. Alter quotes Arne Duncan as saying ???Diane Ravitch…

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Think-Aloud Clip – “All Statistics Things Considered”

One of many course requirements for the EPET Hybrid PhD cohort is the following created for CEP 933 – Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II. Student groups were asked to create a clip highlighting, exposing, or empahsizing a course conce…

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Interview With a Different Kind of WWII Veteran

As I find myself back to the grind after a week off, there is some unfinished business that needs some attention. For Spring Break, my family (wife, daughter, and myself) flew out to Mesa, Arizona to spend some time visiting my in-laws and playing…

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Impromptu lesson on Movie Maker by hs student during session. Digital native??? Watch:

So I was sitting in a session by a few teachers from Onekama (spelling?) on using Movie Maker in English and Social Studies. One of the presenters mentioned background audio tracks paired with video and someone in the audience asked about how that…

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The Equity Project – Reflections from 60 Minutes

What is the ideal school? If you could design a school, what would it look like? This past Sunday evening, the CBS “news magazine” 60 Minutes aired a segment by Katie Couric that brought to light a possible response to those questions. It also add…

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The Ideal Classroom? (a reprise)

I’ve grown to appreciate Twitter for many things. As a news feed, I am as in touch with world events as I have ever been without visiting any news sites. It eliminates my need for RSS feeds by following individuals and organizations that I would n…

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If you don’t know what the title of this post means, please continue reading. This is obviously not my first time witnessing the presidents annual* State of the Union address. As an informed citizen, I believe events such as these are critical to …

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