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Still Getting Traffic

About 4 years ago I embedded a Google Form (Docs) onto a page of my class wiki that I used teaching U.S. History. The site, “Mr. Bruce’s History“, became quite functional and drew attention because of the integrated design and

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This is the first truly official post on this new site. And if you’re visiting for the first time, I truly welcome you. I’ve been a contributing member and even an administrator of a number of sites using WordPress, both

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Hello world!

Welcome to my newly renovated site. Posterous decided to go away, and I based a huge amount of my web presence there – none of which I wanted to just go away. So I decided to venture in purchasing a

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New graphing calculator lets students plot on top of real-world images

via Texas Instruments (TI) graphing calculators are king in the math classroom. I have no statistics – no hard evidence to prove that beyond experience and anecdotal evidence. Indeed I cannot think of any math teacher or math cl…

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Our Digital Kids

Below is an excerpt from a book written in 2010 by Jason Ohler ( titled Digital Community, Digital Citizen. It is a still-timely reflection on the disparity between the generation in power and the generation in our schools. It’s a t…

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Flipping Progress

I thought I’d take a few minutes and reflect a little on the progress made in “flipping” my classroom. I began by following the advice of a fellow Michigan educator, John Sowash. In a presentation he created he suggested by starting with something…

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I’m Gonna Do It. I’m Flipping My Classroom

After three months of painstakingly pushing students to complete assigned readings and other homework assignments prior to coming to class on a given date, I’ve decided that it is not worth my time to begin an in-class activity to a mixed bag of s…

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Some Changes Around Here

So…I created this site and purchased the domain for the purposes of using this as my website and portfolio while I made my way through a PhD program in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology through Michigan State University. I’ve sin…

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Evolution and Technology

Testing to see what it looks like when I mail a document from the Pages app in my iPhone or iPad to Posterous.

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Welcome to Open Library (Open Library)

Just used and browsed the “Open Library”, a project of the Internet Archive ( This has been, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource for me as a U.S. History teacher seeking to provide relevant and meaningful primary and s…

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