CEP 932

Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I

Instructor: Spyros Konstantopolous

TA: Megan Fedor

Grade: 93/100, 4.0

Homework Assignments

Below you can view the six homework assignments that formed the basis of the course and together were 60% of the final grade. Feedback can be viewed within each of the documents as well as individual grades on each assignment.

Homework #1

Grade: 13/13

Homework #2

Grade: 38/43

Homework #3

Grade: 44/45

Homework #4

Grade: 32/33

Homework #5

Grade: 41/42

Homework #6

Grade: 42/46

Final Exam

The final exam is below and was weighted as 40% of the overall grade for the course. The grade that was earned was 56.5/63. Feedback is not available on this final exam.

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