Response to Jonathan Alter “Education Reform Works”

So I finally read this Bloomberg Op-Ed article by Jonathan Alter bashing Diane Ravitch for her methods in challenging the Ed Reform movements stemming from No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top. Alter quotes Arne Duncan as saying ???Diane Ravitch is in denial and she is insulting all of the hardworking teachers, principals and students all across the country who are proving her wrong every day."??

Funny… I don't feel insulted. Should I? Or is Duncan insulting me by telling me I am too ignorant to know when I am. Below is what I wanted to post, but I don't feel like dignifying that article with extra efforts in signing up for a Disqus account. Besides, I'm too busy being ineffective.

Yes, Mr. Alter. How could I, a teacher working 40+ hours in school and at least 20 more out of school to provide the absolute best instruction and environment for my students for decreasing appreciation, listen to and respect Diane Ravitch? The real question is, how could I have been so mistaken? You are my new voice, Mr. Alter, I thank you for speaking on my behalf and defending myself and my students tirelessly and being conscious of our needs on a level fundamental to academic success. Your connection to public schools must be close for you to have developed such a solid and intimate understanding of what is best for our schools and education on a national level.

Where's everyone's sarcasm meter on this one…? Let me know if it needs to be tuned or adjusted, because it should have been reading pretty high.
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One comment on “Response to Jonathan Alter “Education Reform Works”
  1. Mr. Bruce says:

    You are probably right. I still chuckle as I read some of the foolish arguments that Alter presented, as if he was making his case against Ravitch clear. Professing to support teachers in his condescending tone does not work with me. Thanks for the read. I’ll work on my mockery and sarcasm.

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