Think-Aloud Clip – “All Statistics Things Considered”

One of many course requirements for the EPET Hybrid PhD cohort is the following created for CEP 933 – Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II. Student groups were asked to create a clip highlighting, exposing, or empahsizing a course concept or question (or weakness). This is what Team Bernoulli came up with.

Team Bernoulli is comprised of Karen Bedell, Lawrence Bruce, and Jessica Wicks. During units two and three, conversations amongst the team focused on the mysteries of ANOVA and Multiple Comparisons. Of particular concern was the cloudiness with which we understood the complete difference between planned comparisons and post hoc analysis. What made this even more muddy was the similarities between the different test procedures shared between them. 

We shared a comfortable understanding about the reason why multiple comparisons are necessary, as well as the concerns with testing multiple comparisons for Type I and Type II error rates. Thus we used what we did know as a basis for making clear what wasn’t. For us, the distinction between and amongst the several multiple comparison procedures and the appropriate application necessitated a TAC, with it’s foundation on what we do understand.

The resulting TAC is the product of our attempt to make clear multiple comparison using two key figures, A. Priori and Post Hoc. These characters will describe the rationale for multiple comparisons, definitions of statistical power and Type I and II error, and provide an overview of the different scenarios in which certain tests would be appropriate.

Our chosen format for this TAC allows for the leisurely listener to enjoy and appreciate the content within a respectable level of depth of understanding – not too deep so that I’m lost, but still accomplishing the explanatory goals. We believe that this format combined with appropriate and clear visuals offers more than a “how-to” or demonstration video, but rather one that is memorable and can serve as a reference.


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