Woah… I need more fiber in my writing diet.

Sorry for the title, but I can’t help but feel a bit “bound-up”, so to speak, in terms of my written voice. If you look at my next most recent post, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything. Punya Mishra, my doctoral advisor (see http://epetphd.ning.com/), has suggested on numerous occasions to blog daily for a period of time until you feel that “regularity” that we all desire. His own web site is updated regularly with posts from daily and weekly thoughts and musings, so he serves as a great example for me. What a good advisor.

Regular writing serves several functions. Writing is more than a task, it’s a release. It provides opportunity for reflectivity. This can be simple and basic, or functional and elaborate. Larry Ferlazzo, educator extraordinaire, wrote a blog post this morning on how he used a thorough reflection from a class lesson and used it in class. His lengthy reflection-turned-article, became a source of conversation for his ELA class. Read it. It’s awesome! Another great example of reflective writing comes from George Couros, a K-12 Principal in Alberta, Canada. His blog, “The Principal of Change” has almost daily reflections of thoughts and challenges from his perspective as an administrator. Very professional and progressive.

Daily writing can also help refine, define, or discover your voice. Thoughtful, written expression comes from deep within. As a teacher, I’m aware of my voice as it pertains to how I interact with adolescents. I am also aware of my voice as I relate to friends, family, and co-workers. However, as a student advancing in academics seeking scholarly acceptance, there is a need to develop a stronger, more declarative and authoritative voice. Regular writing can serve such a purpose. Hopefully, my writing can provide insight into classroom community and social capital in education for any readers.

It seems this is my year for commitments. About a month ago, I decided I was finished with pop. I consumed probably 100oz of Mt. Dew daily. I quit “cold turkey” – an expression I have never understood – and now consume about a gallon of water daily. Three weeks ago I began a strength and fitness program (P90-X) that is already working wonders in improving overall health and satisfaction. Such an endeavor would have been almost impossible if it were not for my wife. Karen had done the program more than a year ago, and now is working through it a second time with me. If you want to get to know your spouse better, spend an hour every day completing a brutal workout with her. Trust me, it must be better than marriage counseling.

Given those commitments, I suppose I can declare to undertake a new one. Hopefully my written expression can unclog the pipes and unleash the intellectual waste that has been building up and provide some clarity and productive thought. 

What a disgusting-sounding way to end this… Sorry to anyone reading. :)
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One comment on “Woah… I need more fiber in my writing diet.
  1. Chris Sloan says:

    Glad to see you writing again!

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