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If you know me, then you know I enjoy The Onion for it’s socio-political satire. Disregarding this for a moment, I’d like to share a great break from whatever consumes you for a moment, coincidentally brought to us through The Onion.

As a music lover, I’ve sought a variety of resources that provides insight into music that breaks the mold, transcends the old, and serves as a refuge from the trash that often pollutes the radio waves and, too often, the inter-tubes. Enter A.V. Club.

This source is a great way to discover or uncover “new” music. My favorite thing they do is invite and challenge bands to cover songs that they’ve chosen for whatever reason that week. What is produced is remarkable and speaks to those of us studying the limits of creativity.

So for those of you in my EPET cohort: Take a break! That goes for the rest of you, too.

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