Point to Ponder #1

It is clear that as a student (and a professional) in the field of educational technology, I am expected to have an online presence; some place to call my own to which all may fans can navigate and see all of my academic and professional pursuits (a growing list). I have held my share of Web sites over the last five years. For many, that may make me a bit “green behind the ears”, but I am striving to find a final place that I can call “Home”.??

I am settling here, with Posterous, because I find elegance and comfort in its simplicity. I am encouraged by their growth, hopeful in the increase of their services, and happy that they are in touch with the nature of the mobile, participatory culture. I hope to make this work to suit my needs and at the same time I hope that it is not work??to continue to maintain it. Please be understanding of the stretching and aches and pains that come as a result; in other words, keep expectations minimal and don’t be too critical.

The point I’m left to ponder is… “will this be enough?” or “am I ready for WordPress?”
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