A (not quite) Two-Year-Old and Her Puzzle

Below is a video I recorded this morning of my daughter Carmen putting together a very old puzzle. Her mental representation of what the pieces create is solid and she is able to place them where they belong without error – she even makes a joke about one at about 2 minutes: “Does it fit there?” And then she giggles, “No!”
One thing I’ve learned is to never be too surprised at what Carmen is learning, because she amazes me every time. Here’s a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILO7wYPE3Vc

As a side, I also missed a video/picture of another great moment from this morning. Carmen was sitting at the piano plunking the keys and singing her ABCs when she paused and turned the page of the music book above her. She looked at the page and turned to me to say in an apprehensive voice with a matching expression, “Oh, that’s a toughie.” It was a great moment and I am still chuckling at it.


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